Wake up to 65daysofstatic

They are good. They are very, very good. It’s good to read that the recent USA release of We Were Exploding Anyway(link) and Heavy Sky(link) are getting great reviews. We have been very lucky enough to interview them twice, once before their show (link) at the Octagon (link) and during their magnificent re-scoring of Silent Running (link). So it was a very good day when … Continue reading Wake up to 65daysofstatic

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An interview with 65daysofstatic

It’s not a secret that I enjoyed thoroughly both We were exploding anyway (review) and Heavy Sky (review), the two records that 65daysofstatic released in 2010. I also waited for the stupid fire alarm to go away before their Tramlines gig, but it was not to happen that day.

A few months later, I would go and read that they were going to re-score Silent Running, a film I like because I saw it in a drive-in back in Mexico a few years ago. So it was pretty cool to finally get to see the band rock out at Queens Social Club and even better to catch up with them again. Last year I interviewed Joe Shrewsbury (link), this year I managed to get to chat with Paul Wolinski after their fantastic show.

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