Wake up to Sad Accordions

Interesting name, Sad Accordions. Some might say they are depressing by themselves, others will tell you that they think of Italian cooks serenading two socially-distant dogs that are in love and eating spaghetti bolognese.


In reality, it’s the name of a band. A very good one too. Dearly embedded in our collective ipods (and being played a lot as of late), it’s the sound of vast horizons and long road trips while memories of days gone by fly like the wind distorts that staple 70s rock on the radio. Yeah, that’s it.

We reviewed their latest EP, a split single and even interviewed them. But, wait, there is more! Seth Woods, lead singer of Sad Accordions, also creates magic under the name of The Whiskey Priest. We’ve reviewed him a couple of times and we’ll be interviewing him soon.

In the meantime, this is a beautiful, haunting song by Sad Accordions. It’s called ‘Savage’ and it’s the sound of my memories of the 80s, both good and bad. Peace out!

Sad Accordions WebsiteMyspaceLast.fmBandcampFacebookTwitter.

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