Interview – The Whiskey Priest

  We do love Seth Woods in his many faces in this Shithole of a Website (TM). As Sad Accordions, we have felt the past and present clashing, creating a wave of emotional songs that linger on like fine incense. As The Whiskey Priest, the melancholic lyrics ride on the upbeat music. It’s been a while since we’ve talked with Seth Woods, so when the … Continue reading Interview – The Whiskey Priest

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Review: The Whiskey Priest – Mean Spirit

Three years. A lifetime for a band. An eternity for a relationship (or a break up). Or, less pretentiously, 36 months. This is the amount of time we’ve been deprived of new music from Seth Woods in his The Whiskey Priest persona. The wait has been long, just like the one before the banquet is served at a family reunion. In an ideal world, family … Continue reading Review: The Whiskey Priest – Mean Spirit

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Connecting the Soul to the Song – a non fiction story


Five years ago, early on Easter Sunday morning, I drove to meet a new friend at Cisco’s on East Sixth Street, Austin, Texas. I did not know it yet, but this person would change my life – where I lived, how I thought, how I spoke, how I saw the world, others, myself. It was the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning. Something along those lines.

My new friend was visiting from another state. As I drove to her sister’s house to pick her up for our sunrise breakfast , I was brimming with excitement. Excitement about this wonderful new friend, and about taking her to a sweet breakfast joint, but excited also in large part because I was listening to the brand new Bill Callahan record, “Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle.” I couldn’t remember a more phenomenal Easter – breakfast with a new secret crush at sunup, and a new record from a trusted and beloved artist. Huzzah! Continue reading “Connecting the Soul to the Song – a non fiction story”

Wake up to Sad Accordions

Interesting name, Sad Accordions. Some might say they are depressing by themselves, others will tell you that they think of Italian cooks serenading two socially-distant dogs that are in love and eating spaghetti bolognese. Uh. In reality, it’s the name of a band. A very good one too. Dearly embedded in our collective ipods (and being played a lot as of late), it’s the sound … Continue reading Wake up to Sad Accordions

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Interview – Sad Accordions

We like The Whiskey Priest. We also like Sad Accordions. Funny thing, both bands share frontman Seth Woods, who seems to enjoy jumping from acoustic to guitar (via western drawl and jewharp). So we got our Mexican writers, Tonan and Sam, to email them with a couple of questions.

Subjects: Upcoming tour, the recent album by Sad Accordions (review) and the best barbecue in Austin (this might be a fib).

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