The reign of the moon

Bleaklow – The Sunless Country

This review is based on the 23 minute version of The Sunless Country.

Sheffield/Manchester/Brighton trio Bleaklow has just released The Sunless Country, an epic 23 minute song (or a 5 part song if you want to listen to it in piecemeal fashion) full of killer riffs and a creeping, smouldering post rock atmosphere.

There’s a couple of moments (minutes 12 to 15 or song ‘III’) that are tremendously strong. The back and forth between guitar and bass are playful, poignant and the inevitable fuzzy, distorted breakdown is the cherry on top.

Sure, you could listen to parts I-V by themselves, but why would you? This is fantastic as one piece, it flows so well together than chopping it off makes as much sense as putting a thread around your neck and calling yourself Tom Baker.

The EP is available on Bandcamp as a “pay what you want” download. There were handmade physical copies but they flew like the rabid, furious notes that these lads play towards the end of the track/EP. Punchy, gutsy and full of power, this is a great release.

Links Website. Facebook. Twitter. Bandcamp.

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