News from the desk – 1

Mahalo, readers, this is Orestes “P is for Piezometer” Xistos bringing you some news on our radar: 

  • Sheffield’s Den of Depravity (and great burgers), The Harley, is running a Golden Ticket competition. Basically: get a The Harley membership (which are gratis) and at the end of October, a number will be drawn (but not quartered) and said Chosen One (and a +1) will get 6 months of free access to gigs at The Harley and Queens Social Road. If not, well, the membership card still gives you a discount for gigs at Harley Live and Drowned in Sound events. And also food and drinks. Link.
  • Rock Backpages is a big collection of music journalism. The good type so you won’t read us there. Anyways, they are 10 years old this November (they grow so fast) and to celebrate this, they will launch an e-book division. This consists on two collections: Backpages Classics (which includes classic books) and Backpages Anthologies, focusing on artists (first two are about Bob Dylan and Nirvana). They are available on the Kindle (take that, iPad). Link.
  • Constellations 2011 takes place in University of Leeds. You knew that, right? November 12th is the date for you calendar and you can catch acts like Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks (which are better than Pavement, I said it), Dutch Uncles, Braids (review!), Hookworms (review!) and way many more. Here’s the link.
  • Sheffield studio G2 Studios pulled all stops last Sunday to record, mix and release an album in 24 hour albums, all for ace charity War on Want (link). You get a veritable cornucopia of great Sheffield bands like Early Cartographers, The Hope Explosion, Wooderson, The Monicans and much more. The album sounds pretty good and can be yours for 4.15 pounds (although you can pay more… charity!). Here’s the Facebook link
That’s it. You want more news? Go and watch Jon Stewart. Really. He rules. 

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