Review – Matt the electrician @ Mojos

Image from Matt The Electrician's website

When I heard Matt the Electrician was coming to Ogden to play at the infamous Mojos café and gallery I got a little giddy.  I had heard a few of his songs before and I knew I would be able to put these dancing shoes to good use and perhaps get a folk waltz or 2 in. Mojos is one of those places you feel instantly at home in. It could be the squishy couches or the soft lighting, the local art or the smell of  coffee and puppies but either way it is a great place to dance.

Matt the Electrician got his name from working long days as a journeyman electrician and going straight to the bars and clubs after work in his dirty work clothes to play a set.  the name stuck but nowadays he  tours, writes,  plays beautiful music and dances with his kids.

Matt hopped up on stage with a guitar and banjo and of course his beard. His songs were happy, sappy and full of love. Inspired mostly by his 21 year relationship with his wife, his children and his adventures living in collectives with musicians and song making in16Th century haunted castles in the Danish countryside. . . I could not make this up, this is his real life.

In between songs he told sweet stories of the road, life and how his songs came to be. As he played  the crowd moved closer and closer together until we were all elbow to elbow, the music and laughter made us all feel like old friends. His complete honesty and openness, words of wisdom and  pure love of music made the whole experience something more than just listening to a man play a guitar.

I left the venue buzzing with emotions. I wanted to call old friends, say I’m sorry to so many people and cuddle my daughter. I played his songs over and over until I couldn’t stand to be awake anymore. I dreamed of  whistling and road trips and woke up grinning. I don’t know if Matt is magic or just really good at what he does but if his music can make me feel this amazing then its worth giving it a try right? So if you only buy one CD this month make it this one.

You can check out Matt the Electrician at and you can see his amazing video of his new single “accidental thief”  here. Matt the Electrician is on tour in the USA now so check out his tour dates here but don’t worry world I hear he frequently travels to far away places to play as well.

Words: Mikaela

You can read more of Mikaela’s writings and everything cool in Ogden, Utah, at her blog.

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