Dr. Jones fave math pop band

Ninetails – Ghost ride the whip

The over-excitedness (!) of opening a gift you’ve been waiting for at Crimbo can only end up in two different ways: one, you get a nice toy you’ll go around and play with until it breaks or gets taken by the local bully or two, you get something you didn’t expect under the warning that if you got the present you wanted, you’d end up shooting your eye out.

Grim, but true, readers.

Ninetails short but sweet EP, Ghost ride the whip is not like a Christmas present, but the more interesting parts of it. The bubblewrap, the wrapping paper, the little coated pieces of wire, the cardboard box. Anything that fuelled your imagination more than the slightly limited range the toy/device/gadget you got for it.

So, with only three songs, these math-poppers take all that flotsam and jetsam and arm themselves a fort. A fort of hope, foot tapping stuff and upbeat moods. A lot of fingerpicking and a solid rhythm section helped too. ‘I.F.’ kicks the EP with a droning riff holding the hands of a drumbeat while the bass just jumps around, laying (cardboard) bricks for this fortification. “Infinite forever” is the refrain that the band members chant, so instead of whistling while their work (like their dwarfish counterparts), they go mantra on us.

No fortification would be complete without a flag with a shiny motherfuckin’ rad flag, and that’s ‘Pedestrian’. Ideas are hardly re-used and the mood goes from integral calculus and second derivatives to 80’s XTC tapes mangled inside a blender (yes, it blends). The several changes in moods with mostly vocals are a good place to catch your breath.

“Chuckleworthy” would be the first thing that would come to mind after reading the title for the third and final track, ‘Social Guestwork’. The bassline is no laughing matter, going for a groove that goes reggae for a few seconds, then a bit jazz. It’s the more relaxed song of the EP (well, for the most part) but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a haymaker hiding in the instrumental ending.

3 songs is a bit cruel, as there’s a lot of ideas that Ninetails cram around. Let’s hope they release something longer next time around after whetting your appetite with this. And if you’re the person who leaked this EP, fuck you for taking away the work of three honest musicians.

Words: Sam.

Links  Facebook. Website. Bandcamp.

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