Singles: Pato Machete, Balto, Sleepmakeswaves

Greetings, readers drinking discount ale at the office (those 10p cans were worth the botulism, eh?) and sneaking a looksie at the stock market (don’t) while the boss is shagging the intern (hopefully it won’t go into the CV). Welcome to another edition of our “off again, off again, hey it’s on again!” single reviews column.

This week’s singles come courtesy of Noel Gallagher, who switched all of Liam’s jaffa cakes and replaced then with Marmite digestives. Now, that’s hate. Where’s your sense of brotherly hate, Cain?

Ah, singles, right:

Pato Machete – Soy / Ayeres (featuring El Chícharo)

‘Soy’ is the new single by Mexican rapper Pato Machete (who we talked about a few ayeres ago) . It’s a slow groove and as always, it’s more about his flow than anything else. A declaration of acceptance, with the pros and cons, it’s a good self-assessment track, a bit of introspective rap if you will. 

‘Ayeres’, the b-side, is a much interesting affair. No slight intended to ‘Soy’, but this is the reason why I like the stuff by Pato: the mixture of classic Mexican music sensibilities with a funky beat. The groovy song with the samples of cop cars (sadly a common sound in Mexico right now) is a chilled out affair and the real gem of this release. The ending is quality. The single is at a “pay what you want” price at Pato’s Bandcamp. – Sam.

Balto – The Railyard

A sad Americana song from this ensemble, this is the first single from Balto‘s Americana-tinged début album, Octobers Road. Filled with some sense of desolation and a lot of nostalgia, it’s a good choice for a single. If you dig this, do check the rest of the album at their bandcamp. I seriously recommend ‘Kirov Factory’. –Sam

Sleepmakeswaves – (hello) cloud mountain

If you ever wondered what images go well with post-rock, this video shows it. A dreamy track with all the usual tropes of the genre, Sleepmakeswaves hails from Australia and have just released their album …and so we destroyed everything.

This track is pretty energetic, with a very spacey beginning. Thoughtful, wistful and that slow crescendo that culminates with an explosion. A good sample of the signature sound of Sleepakeswaves. – Sam. 


Pato Machete Facebook. Twitter. Website. Myspace. Soundcloud. Bandcamp.

Balto Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Facebook. Website.


Bandcamp. Myspace. Twitter.

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