Singles: Dead Sons, Rumour Cubes, The Future Shape of Sound, Sharp Knees

Greetings, readers drinking Orangina (via smuggling) and sneaking a looksie at (a site much funnier than us).  Welcome to another edition of our “reviewing releases late again” single reviews column.

This week’s singles come courtesy of that Toffee Hoops Müller Corner I had for tea, the scaly bug that bit me at the Salmon Pastures and my newfound hate for Morrissey. He needs a bacon and toms bap and shut the fuck up.

Ah, singles, right:

The Future Shape of Sound – Thinking Bad Thoughts

Feeling like a escaped song from the 70s, ‘Thinking bad thoughts’ has those bits of funk that are always welcomed when you need to relax and bop for a bit down the street. It’s a catchy groovy song and the Hammond organ just makes it classy. It might have been described like “Northern Soul with a hint of rock” by a good friend of mine and I’d say he’s right on the money. – Sam.

Dead Sons – Berlin

There’s a haunting atmosphere in every Dead Sons‘ performance and tune, there’s this mix of past and present that sharply delivers the foundations of nostalgia and the desire to go forward, like the ultimate juxtaposition of human beings.

In their newest tune called ‘Berlin’, Dead Sons presents a Western atmosphere (Mexican standoffs included), featuring the guitar as the lead to this cavalry, like a constant idea wrapped with a violin and pounding bass line. A twist comes then to remind us of another period of the human chronogram, and it’s introduced by a psychedelic explosion of drums and organ, then the guitar’s will becomes a free and random ground, releasing all other instruments and voice from their duties to follow it.

There’s preconceived order, but there’s also order in chaos. Music is also a tool to prove this premise, and this single is a good example for it. – Tonan.

Rumour Cubes – The Gove Curve

Post-Rockers Rumour Cubes drop a tantalising tidbit (actually five minutes, but just go with it) from their upcoming work in the form of ‘The Gove Curve’, a song starting soothing, firmly standing on the gentle palms of a thoughtful violin setting the mood.

But then it goes to hell, as a staple of post-rock is to pull the rug under your feet, put the veil back on your face and nick your Mars Bars. Bastards. Anyways, it’s a pretty good change of pace and it’s hard to decide who’s making the biggest racket: the guitar or the violin. Seriously, give whoever played violin in this song a pint and a slice of good cheese, because although everyone is doing a great job, Paganini’s weapon of choice takes the cake. – Sam.

Sharp Knees – Don’t Leave Me

The name of pop has been maligned, kicked, autotuned and sent to the skip as of late. But finding bands with peppy songs with catchy chorus gives hope that the genre is more than a few producers away from being jingles for diet yoghurts. Nottingham-based Sharp Knees offer ‘Don’t leave me’, a very happy-go-lucky song that you can get for free from their bandcamp. This is a morsel while they finish up their newest EP and hopefully it’ll have this sort of stuff, a breathe of fresh air in the stagnant pop world. Like a Polo mint. Gotta love ’em. – Sam.


The Future Shape of Sound Facebook. Myspace.

Rumour Cubes Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter. Tumblr. Myspace. Soundcloud.

Sharp Knees Facebook. Website. Myspace. Bandcamp.

Dead sons Website. Myspace. Soundcloud. Facebook.

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