Wake up to … The Thinking Men

Slide guitar. You love it or you hate. If it’s the former, you know that it started with the old school blues musicians using bottles over their guitars. Why did they do it? I reckon it was that pact with Satan that the film with Ralph Macchio told us about.

Or maybe they were just be creative. I dunno, I’m drunk. Funny enough, this song, called ‘Whiskey and Milk’ is by this trio called The Thinking Men. Wait a moment, there is a girl in this band and they have that name? There most be a story behind the name.In fact, isn’t it a paradox? I’m a man and I find myself thinking much less and drinking more coffee.

But let’s forget about my inane rantings. Really, it’s Friday and I got sunstroke in England the other day. Goddamned global warming. This song is called ‘Whiskey & Milk’ and you can get it for zero pesos at their bandcamp.

Seriously, Check The Thinking Men. Some cool tracks for your listening pleasure at their soundcloud too.

Links  Website. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud.


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