Wake up to… Legend of the Seven Black Tentacles

Fuckshitdammit, I love this band. With a very experimental approach to music, an ever growing and changing roster of talent and with a vivacious live set, Legend of Seven Black Tentacles are a collective (more like a Gestalt, really) from Sheffield that love to squish genres together and create something that hasn’t been defined yet.

Mixing classical music, rap and some acid jazz, they released their EP Let’s begin now a few month ago (cheap-o plug – review) and were ruddy cool at Peace in the Park (cheapo plugo parte dos)  and now are back into a cocoon, ready to evolve again.

Hope you enjoyed that one, there’s loads more at their Bandcamp. They’d better not stay out of the circuit for long or I will be unfaithful to them and go and cheat with Renegade Brass Band (who also rock live).

Links:Bandcamp. Myspace. Facebook. Last.fm. Twitter.


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