Gallery : Dan Williamson and Cats:For:Peru @ Soyo

Soyo Live hosted 4 diverse but thoroughly entertaining bands this past Monday 11th of July.

Dan Williamson always plays with his emotions on his sleeve, seeping into the strings with the heartfelt ballads he’s been showcasing as of late. The always melancholic ‘Jenny didn’t erase me’ and the father themed ‘Champions League Wednesday Night’ is a keeper. It’s always nice to see him play live and hopefully the new recordings aren’t too far in the future.

Speaking of new recordings, Cats:For:Peru played almost new material, with the exception being the two cheeriest tracks from their newest EP, ‘Duck in the oven’ and ‘Open House’ and a hidden gem oldie. Three new tracks were played that night and sound pretty good, one on the rocky side, another on the poppy side and the last one more on a depressing-but-good side (think Grandaddy with a sprained ankle, a stolen kite and a double choc cone melting on the pavement*). They closed their set with an oldie called ‘I am the orgasm’, which is Cats:For:Peru at its heaviest (debatable).

Dead Like Harry and Steve Edwards also played, but I had to leave early (family emergency). I heard good things about their show through the grapevine.

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Words: Sam.


Dan Williamson

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Dead Like Harry

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*Sorry, for a minute there I lost myself, I lost myself. Phew.

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