Firesuite – Gallery

A couple of time units ago, we got invited to take some photos of Firesuite on their natural state. Sadly, those photos got nicked by a garden gnome with a disposition to listen to Verdi and a well sharpened kebab knife.

Luckily, we caught them again with a couple of snares we set up. After chatting, escaping from a Revivalist music show (this part isn’t a fib) and a lot of ales (which they provided), we rocked the photoshoot again. Some rock climbing, a lot of music and excessive level messing followed.

The good people of Firesuite also have their newest album, You’re an ocean deep, my brother out on iTunes and Spotify today, too. Yes, this post is more of a plug than a photo gallery, but we did enjoy the album (review) and some of these photos are actually good. Some.

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