Interview – The Hot Soles

The Hot Soles. We’ve talked previously about this band. Three gigs (The Harley, Club 60, The Bowery) and also as a wake up song (yup). The three gig reviews done by three different writers, all enjoyed them live. So it was natural to get an interview with them. Continue reading “Interview – The Hot Soles”

The Unfortunate Incident at Soyo… this is TOO Soviet

From the desk of Quintana “Quinto” Haberno (pt 2 – This is too Soviet)

Sometimes I get some rather strange emails. Besides the one about making her girls faint and altering the size of my manhood (it’s okay as it is), I get the odd piece of hatemail. Sod it, anyone with a computer and a keyboard can write something angry (how else do you think I got this gig?)

But amidst the bits and bobs, I thought “hey, maybe they are right about us overgushing ! And also, only 3 pounds for these alternative pills to the blue pill that might give me more than a stiffy?” So in a brash decision, I decided to mosey down to Soyo and check out what was going around that night.

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