Review – Dirty Jeans EP

Dirty Jeans – EP

Stream – ‘Burn’

Barnsley quartet Dirty Jeans are back with a new EP, again made up from 4 Indie rock ditties zealously guarded by a bass that won’t let go.

Tracks two and three are Indie Rock and sort of straightforward, tracks one and four have more changes in pace, which adds a dash of variety to the Rock proceedings of Dirty Jeans.

‘The last ageing heart’ shimmies between a slower verse and a catchy chorus, but it’s the instrumental breakdown (where the rhythm section shines, especially the bass) that really sells it. Really like that dramatic pause near the end.

‘Tears of God’ starts with a slow, sad vocal pairing (by siblings Katie & Gareth) going then into their Indie rock warfare that has developed a bit since last year’s Our War EP. It’s a classy track, making it a good hook for what’s to come and possibly a cracker live.

‘Serenity of the dying race’ is when the EP gets meatier. There’s enough variability before going into Indie Rock territory, with some bits of tribal bass and drum and a slow intro. It’s the changes in dynamic that make it a good song. That instrumental bit with drums seems geared to be a jam moment on their vivacious live set.

‘Burn’ is my favourite from the EP. Again, a slow, smouldering intro for a track that deserves it. The rhythm section gets their chance to shine, but never upstage their cohorts, so it comes as a well balanced track, showing a powerful, united band. It’s a good mix of songs, with ‘Serenity of the dying race’ and ‘Burn’ being the more accomplished of the four tracks.

Words: Sam.

Links: Last.Fm. Myspace. Facebook. Youtube. Twitter.

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