Susy’s Film Corner – Horrors of Summer

Lake Mungo (2008)


Director: Joel Anderson

Writer: Joel Anderson

As a sucker for all things supernatural and mainly the ones with the ‘true story’ ingredient, spending time with this lil’ movie was a nicer treat than Skittles. This  one is a fake documentary (and no, this is not a spoiler), so no big names and no fancy effects. What it has in abundance is something the major Hollywood thrillers lack – atmosphere. While being not just a ghost story but also a story of the family that just lost their daughter and sister, Alice, it also serves as a nice character study focusing on the ways human beings deal with grief.

Revealing too much of the plot would certainly kill the enjoyment of the film so lets just say this – Alice drowns, her family goes through all the phases of grief and, of course, strange things start happening in their house which now has an evil feel to it. The plot gets twisted around in a fashion that would make Shyamalan burn his Sixth Sense script in shame.

Lake Mungo will make you doubt everything you know bout death itself, about the people that surround you and what these people think about you. And whether you know who you are yourself, what would you do if once your own destiny crept upon you in the dark? Would you fight back and would you make sure that those who you love would be ready for the horrors to come? And, last, can a person ever let go or do we reflexively cling to the material world, even after we are dead?

Unrest (2006)


Director: Jason Todd Ipson

Writer: Jason Todd Ipson

The awesomeness of this movie lies in many things, but knowing it was produced by a company called Asgaard Entertainment makes everything so much better. Well it has to, otherwise Thor will come down from the aforementioned Asgaard in his gay tights and if you have no Natalie Portman to give him, he will pulverize you with his not so gay hammer.

But back to business, Unrest is not what you would call a ‘great movie’ and it knows it. It takes it shots and doesn’t miss. Makes you laugh at the momentary cheesiness that comes hand in hand with the majority of movies of the genre. At the same time, it uses a nice plot than revolves around a group of freshers studying pathology that disgrace a cadaver. And this particular cadaver is quite evil as it kills everyone that handles it.

While not relying on fancy CGI, the films uses the pathology lab and the interiors of the hospital as a scenery for a number of disturbing and even horrifying imagery which itself proves to be done with really tasty cinematography. And taste is what the genre overflowing with torture porn needs today.

So accept Unrest for what it is and let yourself be entertained, and who knows? Maybe going in with not too high expectations might even surprise you. As the film is only available on DVDs nowadays, I would recommend you to buy it rather than rent it, as with all its flaws you will certainly want to watch it again and again, and you know, Halloween is only 3 months away.

Dorothy Mills (2008)


Director: Agnes Merlet

Writer(s): Agnes Merlet, Juliette Sales

While not really a horror flick, this film is one of those little gems that will stay with you forever. Combining just the right amount of suspense, mystery and even a sprinkle of the supernatural, it becomes an almost perfect piece of cinema.

The plot is wonderfully layered, centred on the psychiatrist Jane Van Dopp, who is investigating the circumstances of an attack on a toddler for which the local girl Dorothy is thought to be responsible. After Dorothy reveals that she has never even touched the baby, Jane starts to unravel the dark secrets of the town and Dorothy herself, only to be proven that nothings is like it seems.

While I heard several people complain that the movie is slow, I still think that the pacing is nicely planned out, there is never an ’empty’ scene or just a ‘filler’ conversation. Every shot in the film is just another step closer to the nicely delivered grand finale.

So much for this week, but just as Arnie always came back so will I. Tune in next week for some more crazy goodness. And if you know of any nice horror delicatessen send word my way, and if you even made your own flick that needs reviewing…well then if its good I’ll wear your name of my t-shirt.

Words: Susy.

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