Review: Trojan Horse – World Turned Upside Down

The process of making an album can sometimes be a battle worthy of Sisyphus. You like something. Then you remember how much you preferred the demo version. Then you fight with yourself, bring the ideas and everybody else chimes in. That’s one layer done, another 110 or so to go. Now imagine that process extrapolated, amplificated and saturated with ideas and you end with the … Continue reading Review: Trojan Horse – World Turned Upside Down

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Interview – TrojanHorse (2012)

Shamelessly stolen from Trojanhorse’s Facebook page.

#IFOWONPRO. That’s the only thing you need to think when you listen to Trojanhorse. Well, you could also think about socialism, space fights in ships resembling F-14 Tomcats (with T. Rex’s in the pilot seat, of course) or what would happen if you do an impromptu interview with a super friendly singer/guitarist with a penchant for prog loveliness, a voice like Simon Pegg in Spaced and an army of well armed finches in his beard.

So, yeah, Nicholas Wyatt Duke from Trojanhorse, a man wanted in 4 boroughs for baptising sweet lyrics and bootlegging overdubs, is sitting across me in Nexus Café, in Manchester. The coffee is excellent and the music is just the right shade of suave, so I ask him a few question while the finches steal my eccles cake. Selah.  Continue reading “Interview – TrojanHorse (2012)”

Interview – Trojan Horse

#IFOWONPRO ! That means I For One Welcome Our New Prog Rock Overlords! Some say we are paraphrasing Grand Theft Auto Vice City, the less knowledgeable points out to a brilliant episode of The Simpsons but the true origin of the “I for one welcome our ___ overlords” is from an obscure 70s film based on H.G. Wells’ Empire of the Ants.

But, yeah, TrojanHorse, a prodigious fantastic quartet from Salford. We’ve reviewed them before, we even offered you with cupped hands one of their tracks. Heck, we even had to post again about them just to remind them their awesomeness (and the Power of The Beard ….compels you!) Now, we  sent them an email and the lovely band took some time from their heavy riffage exercise to answer them.  Continue reading “Interview – Trojan Horse”

The true story of a bearded band and their progginess

TrojanHorse. A band we have talked about several times before. Not only due to the heavy riffage they offer in spades on their prog nouveau music, but also because of their massively expanding rise to overlording the musical soundwaves. As a thank you note, like the Gideons leaving a Bible below your bed, the band is giving away their album FOR FLIPPIN’ FREE until God … Continue reading The true story of a bearded band and their progginess

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