Wake up to… The Shipping News (slightly remixed)

I love The Shipping News. They’ve done one of the most visceral, punchier albums I’ve heard recently, the brutal One less heartless to fear ( review). Besides having a bassist with a magic knack for doing killer basslines (proof – Bad Eve), they also are from the fabled Louisville, Kentucky, a town so laidback it didn’t tarred and feathered neither Cameron Crowe nor Orlando Bloom for how they pronounced its name (although I can’t pronounce it myself).

Anyways, The Shipping News were approached by fellow providers of post rock, Interstates (also from Louisville), who wanted to remix their track from 2001, ‘Another body, another state’. And then give it away for free as a Bandcamp explosive.

They all agreed, the song came out and here it is, fresh out of the oven (and not a Kirsten Dunst on sight – bwah!). Feel free to download and share with your friends.

Also, do check the Bandcamps for The Shipping News and Interstates. Some nifty stuff there.


About the author: Actually, I DO love Elizabethtown. But that’s a rant for another day.

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