Vinyl Demand, Sheffield

UPDATE: It now is located by Grosvenor Hotel, Charter Square.

Also, we’ve never had any problem with the shop. Bought 4 times there and was helped with a rare copy of The Cedar Room (by Doves) and a previous collaborator found a good collection of funk (recommended by the owner).

If you walk by Division Street and wonder where could you get your record fix, whether on vinyl or cd, you could go tothe corner of Division Street and Rockingham Street (you’ll see Gatsby’s Pub there – formerly Olive Bar).

Amidst the devastation formed by car parks, a small shop is there, filled to the brim with boxes of very cool vinyl. Yes, Sheffield’s got a new Vinyl shop and it’s called Vinyl Demand.

Map for your orienteering pleasure.

My colleagues PM, Orestes and me went in there last week. Here’s our recollections of the places. Ladies first:

“Economic crisis aside, lord knows Sheffield could do with an influx of record/music shops to bolster the music scene a bit. And Vinyl Demand is such a shop. With a large selection of vinyl 12″ and 7″ to peruse, I could easily spend 40 minues or so ransacking the shelves. In particular I am a fan of 45’s (as I accidentally inherited a whole box full of them a few years ago) and there is a wide array to choose from here – everything from classic Motown hits to folk to 80’s punk and 90’s brit pop. All the records are reasonably priced and I was totally stoked to have picked up Derek and the Dominos -‘Layla’ for only £3. Vinyl Demand is a welcome addition to the already well-loved record shops in Sheffield”.

Orestes said:

“Lotsa of cool stuff. Loved to see some old KISS vinyls I haven’t seen since my brother Chuck used to play them really loud and get us in trouble with the parents. I think the nuns in our school said they were satanic. Who cares? Love gun is awesome. They also had Generation X, the punk band where Billy Idol started. Great album. I saw a few copies of Unforgettable Fire, which is U2‘s best album. It’s a scientific fact”.

My thoughts?

BILLY JOEL‘S TURNSTILES in great condition!”

I’m one tracked minded, see? Can’t really add anything else, as PM has said everything it had to be said about this place. Prices are good (I bought something else besides Billy Joel, and it was great!), the selection was really good (love perusing through all the genre boxes) and Andy, the former owner of Spin City, was exceedingly helpful and a great conversationalist.

The stock is there, waiting to be ransacked (dibs on Pink Floyd!). The shop will be closed due to a pre-arranged holiday, though, but will be back in business on the 23rd of April. See you then?

Words : PM, Orestes Xistos and Sam.

Pics: PM, Sam.

You can contact Vinyl Demand on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Vinyl Demand, Sheffield

    1. Absolute nonsense.
      How convenient that this poster seems to point you to Rare and Racy and even includes a link to their website.

    2. I’ve been there a few times and I was well treated. My then girlfriend was helped with a very good album of funk music, James Ash.

      Sorry if you think your experience wasn’t good enough, I’ve had good experiences. You want a bad shopping experience? Travel back in time and go into Jack’s.

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