Was this your celebrated summer? – RSD 2013

Single section at Vinyl Demand

“A record store, like Jesus and a puppy, are for life, not for a one day celebration.” So texted my associated editor, Orestes P. Xistos when I asked him if he’d join me in filming the people queuing outside Record Collector, a shop smack in the heart of the now dying Broomhill area of Sheffield, England. Continue reading “Was this your celebrated summer? – RSD 2013”

Vinyl Demand, Sheffield

UPDATE: It now is located by Grosvenor Hotel, Charter Square.

Also, we’ve never had any problem with the shop. Bought 4 times there and was helped with a rare copy of The Cedar Room (by Doves) and a previous collaborator found a good collection of funk (recommended by the owner).

If you walk by Division Street and wonder where could you get your record fix, whether on vinyl or cd, you could go tothe corner of Division Street and Rockingham Street (you’ll see Gatsby’s Pub there – formerly Olive Bar).

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