The Animal Beat – 11

The Animal Beat – 11

The Animal Beat, a band from Richmond, USA,  signed under Rainboot Label, released a single today called 11.

Starting in a pop manner is ‘Drive home the messenger’, which skews its pop sound first by being more than 3 minutes long (it clocks 5:56…) and then by approaching a genrehopping sound. It’s a happy pop song one moment, then it builds and becomes something else, with a jammy instrumental passage that doesn’t overstay its welcome and a very cool outro with a bluesy solo. It’s like several ideas mashed together, but in a very polished way. Love the piano ending too.

‘The rain stopped today’ it’s the vivacious one. Straight out of the bat it has a “hey hey” chanting (think of an American Football, tied in the 4th quarter). Again, it’s a poppy song but with a rock edge and again, it’s a long one (5:33). Love the homage/interpolation to ‘Peter Gunn’s theme’ they throw in the ending, it’s a fun moment where you can feel The Animal Beat like having fun with their songs and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Singles this long might be commercial suicide (!) but they are sure entertaining and to be fair, what’s wrong with a long song? Nothing. Also, the voice in ‘The rain stopped today’ is a little buried in the mix, but it’s a minor problem in two otherwise catchy songs.


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