A night at Mojos

Last night was beautiful. I haven’t been to a show this good in a while and i missed being able to stay until the end without getting bored. Mojos in Ogden, Utah is like being in that cool art loft you wished you could live at.

With comfy couches, strange art and a collection of dangling Christmas lights the crazy lady down the street would be envious of, I felt right at home. The bands filed in stashing their gear like a life sized Tetris game and fans waited outside anxious to get in from the cold.

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Ogden – more than meets the eye (part 1)

art by Olivia Peach♥

Ogden is full of surprises. From the moment I moved here, I became obsessed with Ogden’s bustling music scene. There are so many amazing metal and country bands, but today I am going to give you the lowdown on Ogden’s indie folk music scene.

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