Arabesque and math heavy

Pirouettes – The water or the wave

Stream – ‘Nothing changed’

I’ve had the opportunity to listen to a rather interesting band that definitely honors the name they have chosen. There’s no doubt there’s creativity around.

Pirouettes’ The Water or the Wave EP includes 4 tracks, which are better understood if listened in a row, something I pretty much admire from bands.

4 different sensations conveyed, that is, every track has a personality of itself and completely changes its configuration, with the only reference point being vocals, as it remains the sole constant that would let us know it’s still the same band playing.

The first track is a full lesson of what stamina is all about, and includes a strong drum line and bass following, guitar riffs that still have the time to give out complex sounds, some of them would remind me of Old Western Movies. This track, ‘Nothing Changed’, opens with firm steps the concept that will certainly go in pirouettes.

The next song offers a quiet moment: ‘Utram Bibis? Aquam An Undam?’ (What are you drinking? The water or the wave? John Fowles? Unfortunately not pretty familiar with the book). The song offers again a fixed drum – bass layer, then guitars keep the main dialogue and come to the known and loved formula of Math Rock. However, this track is not as firm and strong as the first one, it’s the calm after the euphoria, like quiet water after the waterfall. As I said it before, it’s better to listen to this album in a row; it’d really get you involved. The song closes with only one voice, an invitation indeed to keep the same track, repeated.

‘A crass menagerie’, the third and penultimate song of this album, is yet another moment of calm. The song is introduced by the sound of a tambourine, and vocals become more intimate, as a self-reflection of the deeds done with amends included. I truly fell for the drums line in this one: a drums riff comes forth during the bridge and really shows off the drummer’s skills, and the second part interconnected continues with this display until this becomes the sole sound closing the song, then becomes a distorted cymbal based line.

The last track, ‘The Diluted Life’, is introduced with the distorted sounds the 3rd track closes with (I really love that!), and it definitely relates to the sensation of reading a book, then turn the page and reach the ending. The electronic sound remains along with a piano that delivers blue notes of nostalgia, disappointment, and sadness. ‘Now we’re drowning in the day-to-day’, that’s the way the second statement starts and I must say: nice percussions! The metronome of this song turns into the distorted drums, and then closes with the chorus that opened the second segment of the track. Chills!

I’m happy to listen to styles I truly love, that is, the basis of a well defined and somewhat forgotten music “genre” arranged with the band’s personal touch. I must say also that I was truly amazed by the skills of the band’s drummer: accurate and controlled for every note and highly talented for those rolls we listen through the four tracks of The Water or The Wave.

This band really gives every member of it the opportunity to show off; however, the main role remains in the guitar, the voice, like the good and beloved math rock! Looking forward to hearing more of this band!

Words: Tonan


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