Review: My Morning Jacket – The Waterfall

There are two different ways to approach My Morning Jacket: threading slowly or just jump in and pray for the best. This applies to water bodies too and curiously enough, this album is called The Waterfall.  Once again, My Morning Jacket‘s musical style changes, spiraling from Jim James‘ sweet crooning. Whereas Evil Urges loved schizophrenic 70s rock tropes and Circuital embraced a gloomier taste of rock, … Continue reading Review: My Morning Jacket – The Waterfall

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Wake up to…Candlebox

It’s weird how time changes your perspective. I used to ignore this song, even if a song by them marked my life in one of those moments that don’t feel like “The Moment” when you live them, but gain tremendous force when you look back at them.

Hindsight. 20/20. You know it. Continue reading “Wake up to…Candlebox”