Would you like fries with that?

The Violet May @ Frog and Parrot, 26 of February

(stream – ‘TV (demo version’)


After almost three months of well-deserved holidays (and some serious bouts of recording), The Violet May play a quick gig at the Frog & Parrot, that cozy pub in Division Street.

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Interview – The Violet May

It’s a slightly chilly day in September at the front side of the Showroom Cinema. There, Chris Mcclure and a friend of his are having a conversation about, well, life in general. The best type. I join in for a while and we talk about the current state of radio, not only in the UK, but also in Mexico. I drop the bombshell that there’s barely any radio stations playing rock in a city as big as Mexico City (with 20+ million people) and the response is an honest “wow”. Chris’ friend eventually bids farewell and we are joined by John (guitar, keyboard) and Jono (guitar).

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