Reverberated dreams

Nerves – Demo

The skinny : Reverb overdose.

The review proper: Good times with demos.

After a creepy build up, Nerves explode with ‘Seams’, the opening track of their Demo EP. Right from that reverberated guitar (with the rhythm section soon following), the song takes a few minutes before completely exploding in your direction (that shout, whoa).

One hell of an opening track is followed by an equally good track, ‘Running’. A swelling on and off chunky feedback, like a distant siren, is its calling card. The pace is much slower than ‘Seams’, but it doesn’t detract and it helps build some atmosphere. The instrumental break before the end is good ol’ shoegaze, like the doctor ordered.

‘Write letters’ follows suit and the EP is then deftly finished with ‘Wake up Italy’, the dreamiest of all the tracks in the EP, where the vocals are drowned (again, in good old shoegaze style) and blend into the music as another instrument.

Although it is a demo EP and some technical stuff will probably be ironed out on final product, it’s laudable that the sound is pretty good, but it’s more about this reviewer’s bias towards reverb.

Four songs, with a heavy dose of reverberation. A very dreamy type of shoegaze (all about the arpeggio in ‘Wake up Italy’), with some slightly dark stuff going on (mostly on ‘Seams’), but quite enjoyable. You can download it too (link).

Also, if you want to listen to a very cool remix of ‘Seams’, check this vid.



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About the author: If it wasn’t an arpeggio, he’ll get a whole egg of face like that time he interviewed Wet Nuns…

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