Interview – Gregory & The Hawk

Gregory and the Hawk (interview):

One of our best writers, Tonantzin, got a chance to ask Meredith Godreau (aka Gregory and the Hawk) a few of questions. Why? Because Tonan’s a great writer (and a fan) and Meredith Godreau is a wonderful artist, that’s why?

Anyhoo, enough rambling, here’s their email conversation:

1)   We listen to Gregory and the Hawk and it feels genuinely like your speaking your heart out. For a song, what’s the one thing that matters most: the whole creative process behind a song or the song itself, i.e., the resulting song? Why?

I think the song matters but every person has their own way to make work they like the best. And changing your process is the best way to change the creation.

2)   You have put in our mouths the words we’re not brave enough to pronounce at times. Where do you capture your inspiration to write your lyrics?

I think it comes from wanting to know other peoples emotions, wonder what their real motivations are and the connections we all share.

3)   Are lyrics the result of the music or is it the other way around?

Usually I have a beginning sentence or theme that inspires the music and then the rest of the words come after that.

4)   There’s always a special moment of our lives marked by music, so what made you turn your attention to music? What was THE moment or thing that really got you from music?

Maybe moving away from my hometown when I was younger really pushed me to compose songs, but by then I was already into piano too. I’ve always felt like there is music and poetry everywhere, I think I may have been a dramatic kid.

5)   When did you realize you wanted to devote your life to make music?

Maybe in college I thought that, now I am actually changing my mind. Its important to step back and reevaluate what you’re devoting yourself to.  And to make sure your life is full of inspiration first and foremost.

6)   Do you think your audience directly influences each one of your performances?

Yes, I think so.

7)   Did you receive any special preparation (i.e. musical education in school, classes) for making/playing writing music and lyrics?

Yes in school with other musicians. We taught each other a lot.

8)   We first heard of Gregory and the Hawk as a solo artist and now we can listen to a full-integrated band for her. How’s the band experience for you? Is it different from playing and making music as a solo artist?

Yes, very different. I prefer to play alone because it is easier for me. But I haven’t done a band very much, so maybe that answer would change in time. Often I would like a new band which write different music, but in my opinion gregory and the hawk is essentially a solo project.

9)   In your new album, Leche, there are sounds that are pretty familiar for the Mexican ear. There’s a Huapango style guitar (a very popular and beloved traditional music genre in Mexico)  in songs like Geyshire Nationale (my favorite) and Landscapes. How did that style made its way to Leche?

Hi, thank you. I’ve never heard of this guitar style but now I’ll definitely find out about it. What you’re hearing on these songs is a celtic harp that I’ve been using this year. Its pretty simple to answer – I found this harp and wanted to learn it so these songs were written on it.  I really love the sound.

10) We believe every album tells a particular story, that’s our approach and experience. So, what’s the reason of your new album’s name, Leche?

I felt it represented a basic quality of my life changing and growing like a baby needs milk

10)   A personal question here: do you think music can work as therapy, as to express what’s deep inside us? Why?

Yes of course

11)   How would you feel if some girl came to you and told your music has been a positive experience in her life?

Wonderful, of course.

12)   One major influence in your music and why?



Qs- Tonan.

As- Meredith Godreau.

We’d like to thank Ash Dosanjh for helping setting up this interview.


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