To the beat of the drum machine

Still Flyin’ – A party in motion

The Skinny : Synth overdose.

The review proper: Might have to get something out of my chest before starting this review. A party in motion is a bit too 80s for my own tastes. Drum machines, synths and even a sax (‘Victory walker (2 AM)’).

I guess the main problem I would have is that the 80s revival is starting to get a little tiring. It’s an age long gone. Move along.

Still, the songs are catchy. ‘Bull riff’ has that electronic snare beat and an arpeggiator (can’t go wrong with those) and ‘Strength’ is sweet, with a little guitar riff that is repeated a few times in the midsection of the song.

‘Stay wild, Tokelau’ also has some good moments, but it doesn’t feel like it will go anywhere. ‘Neu Idea’, on the other hand, is musically better, even if the lyrics are more of a refrain (or a mantra, if you will). It’s more of a segue into the last 2 songs of A party in motion.

‘Victory Walker (6 AM)’ is the starker brother of ‘Victory Walker (2 AM)’ and the change of pace seems to help the song, even if it feels a tad too long. Again, there’s a little playful tone to the other instruments (sounds like a processed guitar) that add to the oozing atmosphere. Album closer ‘Higher than five’ takes its sweet time to lift off, but the pay off is worth it.

Surprised that this album was made by a collective. It’s does sound more like the work of a small group than a topsy turvy rotating door of musicians. It has coherence, so that’s pretty cool.

Again, nothing wrong with the band or the music, it’s just not my cuppa. If you’re up for more of the 80’s revival, I can tell you that as someone who grew on that era, this is a pretty good throwback to the synth-heavy records of neon yore.



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