Slow Club, Chips for the Poor and Is I cinema, oh my!

Slow club

Giving up on love

A quickie song that never lets down with a cool video to boot (just click on our wake up song tomorrow, you’ll recognise somebody). Simple but effective, can’t go wrong with a song this happy and this earworm-y. Maybe there will be some sun if this one gets played a lot?

No, really, check the video. It’s a hoot. 7/10

Willow Tree

A slower b-side to Giving up on love, it takes a bit of time to take flight, but once it does, well, I personally enjoyed it more, but it’s as introspective as my current mood. The perfect moody complement for the raucous mood of the a-side. 8/10

Is I cinema


Already talked about how much I enjoyed this song live, with its flip-flopping between dream and nightmare (check that creepy “shhhhh!”-brrr!). Continuing that Is I cinema tradition of making something akin to the soundtrack of an unseen film, this is a song that staggers between good and evil. 9/10


Less dreamy and more urgent, San sounds like a blast from the past. It deceives . A slow song that goes to all the places the band wants to go (and maybe some it doesn’t)

Chips for the poor – Tell your mum Bolan’s back (EP)

I am a warrior

Announced as the “radio edit of a the 22 minute live crusade” (!!!), the song is a drone with a few bits of singing & grunting. Can’t really say I’d do it justice as it’s an edit. Kinda sticky and would like to listen to the whole beast. Knowing meself, I’ll bump it up a few notches! 6/10


Hey, a bit of tourette (the song is called Cock, Cunt, Penis, Tony Blair, Tina Turner) never did any harm. The song is only a minute long and it’s not really my cup of tea, but why don’t you check them out nonetheless? 5/10

Weather Channel

More leftfield stuff. It’s strangely ritualistic, though, and it feels like a rousing yell to throw a spear at the weatherman that ruined my weekend. Great bass line and my fave of all three songs. 7/10



Slow Club

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Is I cinema

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Chips for the poor

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