The Octagon was exploding anyway…

Nedry + Loops Haunt + 65 days of Static @ Octagon, Sheffield (May 6th 2010)

It all started with Nedry (or nerdy as some posters misquoted around the place), doing a criminally empty but still magnificent set that a few people managed to enjoy. The voice of Ayu Okakita is amazingly powerful and the live sampling that all band members did to recreate the atmospheres from the recordings were mesmerising.

Matt Parker and Chris Amblin went back and forth behind instruments (all of them exchanged between band members during songs), constructing soundscapes around Ms. Okakita. Set closed with the punchy ‘A42 and it was great how well their music translates from recording to live’.

Then came Loops Haunt, who just was glitching around (his m.o.), having fun and frantically looking back and forth, sometimes dancing by himself, sometimes just waiting for the audience to join in the fun. Got a bit of tepid response, but he still seemed to be enjoying the show and there were a few people that seemed quite into his stuff.

An eternity (20 minutes) passed and without any warning, the brightest lights at the centre of the stage went on. Amongst the blinding atmosphere, 65 days of static went in and started playing ‘Go complex’, from their new album We were exploding anyway.

The setlist was mostly centred in this new album and the tracks proved to take a life of their own live.  ‘Weak04’ is the soundtrack for a riot, but thankfully, it just made quite a few people (i.e. the brave punters in the front) to dance and jump.

‘Piano fights’ produced some goosebumps I haven’t felt for a while (all about that guitar work). A massive ovation was given to ‘Crash Tactics’, the first single from the new album.  ‘Mountainhead’ kept its rhythmic, tribalistic nature  (two drum kits!) and ’65 doesn’t understand you’ was a nice touch to older fans. It was a great moment: a new classic paired with an old one.

Closing the set was ‘Tiger girl’, a song that grows constantly in both rhythm and emotion. Like a throwback to the raves of yore (late 90s), the continuous, trance like song is deceptively peaceful. The band came back and although looking half dead from exhaustion, they played two more songs (‘Debutante’  and ‘Radio protector’) then bid adieu to get some well deserved rest.


Had this gig been a David Bowie song, it would’ve be:The pretty things are going to hell.




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