An interview with 65daysofstatic

It’s not a secret that I enjoyed thoroughly both We were exploding anyway (review) and Heavy Sky (review), the two records that 65daysofstatic released in 2010. I also waited for the stupid fire alarm to go away before their Tramlines gig, but it was not to happen that day.

A few months later, I would go and read that they were going to re-score Silent Running, a film I like because I saw it in a drive-in back in Mexico a few years ago. So it was pretty cool to finally get to see the band rock out at Queens Social Club and even better to catch up with them again. Last year I interviewed Joe Shrewsbury (link), this year I managed to get to chat with Paul Wolinski after their fantastic show.

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Interview – 65 Days of Static

The halls of the Sheffield Octagon always felt a little inhospitable, maybe as they remind me of an elementary school I was. Thankfully, the people around were quite friendly. After talking with their extremely nice tour manager, I met 65 days of static’s Joe Shrewsbury and we sat down in a small room in the Octagon. I glanced at the table and thought “I need a copy of their rider!”.

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The Octagon was exploding anyway…

Nedry + Loops Haunt + 65 days of Static @ Octagon, Sheffield (May 6th 2010)

It all started with Nedry (or nerdy as some posters misquoted around the place), doing a criminally empty but still magnificent set that a few people managed to enjoy. The voice of Ayu Okakita is amazingly powerful and the live sampling that all band members did to recreate the atmospheres from the recordings were mesmerising.

Matt Parker and Chris Amblin went back and forth behind instruments (all of them exchanged between band members during songs), constructing soundscapes around Ms. Okakita. Set closed with the punchy ‘A42 and it was great how well their music translates from recording to live’.

Then came Loops Haunt, who just was glitching around (his m.o.), having fun and frantically looking back and forth, sometimes dancing by himself, sometimes just waiting for the audience to join in the fun. Got a bit of tepid response, but he still seemed to be enjoying the show and there were a few people that seemed quite into his stuff.

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Review: 65 days of static – We were exploding anyway

The skinny: Glitchy rockers/electronica renewing their energies and reloading some old tricks.

The review proper: Whoa. What’s all this then?

After some great music, the Sheffield based 65 days of static change their bag of tricks a bit on their new album, We were exploding anyway. Whilst still keeping their trademark moody music, they  add some tribal rhythms (the end of ‘Mountainhead’ is pure zoning out territory, ‘Dance dance dance’ is a tribal mantra that never lets go) but also keeping thing manic (‘Crash tactics’, ‘Piano fights’) for the gusto of your listening pleasure.

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