Because 12 issues IS something to celebrate – Congrats, Article

When I arrived to Sheffield in 2008, the sheer barrage of info, pamphlets and literature thrown my way was akin to getting wiped out by a big wave in Oaxaca.

Amidst all this excess of paper and rants, one little thing caught my eye. Article magazine (and hey, you can read their back issues here). I loved the style and the easy-to-conceal-in-science-books size and I quickly became a fan. My favourite issue was “The Waste Issue” (that’d be number 11) and the wait for the next issue is always taxing.

So it was a great thing to find out they were holding out a celebration at Sheffield’s Site Gallery (a great little charming venue that is part of Art Sheffield 2010, the art cross-city exhibition…but more on that next week). And on St. Paddy’s!

Great! Some counter-programming! So after escaping from the laboratory and zig zagging between the lost and the drunk (all wearing funny mock-Irish hats), the Graves Gallery beckoned me…with closed gates.

Oh well, maybe a square meal (guinness + peanuts) was in order for the wait. A few minutes later (thanks to the Mansfield pub for the killer game of skittles), the whole party seemed to be growing exponentially. After getting a complimentary Pimms’ lemonade (hmm, cucumber!), my main objective was getting a copy of issue 12 and hide in a corner to read it on one go.

Gotta admit, balancing a cup of Pimms while reading issue 12 (in lovely tabloid format AND in colour – booyah!) and stealing a cucumber sandwich is beyond my agility, but I managed.

Each issue of Article has a theme and #12 got the theme of leisure. Won’t spoil any of the contents in it, but my fave pieces were Sci fi & Shopping (by Orla Foster – kudos for the Logan’s run reference), Dedicated to the Unknown artist (by Ben Dunmore – great bit about one of Art Sheffield’s best piece) and the extremely funny Hobby Inventory (by Ivan Rabodzeenko – almost choked on a cucumber laughing).

There was also quite a bit of attendance, so the celebration was pretty much successful. A part of me would say it was the booze, the great musical choices and the free stickers (one of them on the guitar already) that lured the audience, but it’s really the constant hard work the whole Article team puts.

Take a bow and here’s me counting the days ’til the next issue (due in mid April). It’s going to be paired with Sensoria 2010 (the 2009 edition blew me away with My secret heart). Can’t wait.


Visit Article Magazine (tell’em we sent ya!)

Back issues, in lovely issuu format.

Say hi to them on Twitter or on Facebook.

Here’s a nifty minigallery for you (sorry, memory card failed)

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