Sheffield Art Crawl – a (bad) testimonial

Editors’ note: This is the piece as it was given to us. No editing was done to it. – xxx Q & M.

Image courtesy of Art Sheffield 2010.

After leaving the Showroom through a ventilation shaft (don’t ask), I found myself inside the Site Gallery. I’m sure there’s a violation of the time/space/physics continuum somewhere in that previous sentence but, like Billy Pilgrim used to say: “so it goes”.

Any ways, I was surrounded by artists, organisers, writers, reviewers and general art fans. It was the Art Crawl for Art Sheffield 2010 and it was my fourth time in the venue. Still liking the exhibit of the “The Ragged trousered philanthropists” book (written by Robert Tressell) and consider taking another Ruth Ewan postcard for the collection (they are real cool).

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In retrospective – Art Sheffield 2010

Editors’ note:

Well, it’s the end of this ambitious (and successful) city-wide event and although we were a little quiet about the whole thing for a while (stupid dissertations…), we took several tips to the venues (including the Art Crawl – a testimonial on Thursday) and we all ended up disagreeing in what is “art” and what is a haphazardly collected gathering of charity shop leftovers sticked together with Pritt Stick. But then again, art is always subjective. Without any further ado, here’s a short looking back we cajoled our “lowest in the food chain” writer to do. -M & Q.

Museums Sheffield: Millenium Gallery (Surrey Street)

Courtesy of Art Sheffield.

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Because 12 issues IS something to celebrate – Congrats, Article

When I arrived to Sheffield in 2008, the sheer barrage of info, pamphlets and literature thrown my way was akin to getting wiped out by a big wave in Oaxaca.

Amidst all this excess of paper and rants, one little thing caught my eye. Article magazine (and hey, you can read their back issues here). I loved the style and the easy-to-conceal-in-science-books size and I quickly became a fan. My favourite issue was “The Waste Issue” (that’d be number 11) and the wait for the next issue is always taxing.

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