Singles reviews – 4

(Editor’s note: This column is so late that’s becoming a joke! – Q)

Ahoooy there, mateys! It’s Sam with tidings of good music. The battle of bands releasing a song per month (that’d be Bromheads vs. Corgan Simpson!) is heating up. Who will win? Well, the audience, of course!!!

Bromheads – Snow

Cheeky voice? Check. Catchy chorus? A-yup. A sweet tune to ignore the fact that you are not made for a snowy weather and you might have a fissure in your elbow? Sure thing. Another cracking song from Bromheads, one that can’t wait to hear live to get that warm feeling of live music. A bit short, but hey, the video is pretty sweet and if you can’t be bothered to go to to get your free download, well, you could, I dunno, download it from here? Thanks to the lovely Tim and Dan (and the lamp) for the mp3. 8/10

Download Bromheads – Snow

Titus Andronicus – A more perfect union

The New Jersey shoegazers/somestrangegenrers come along for this seven minute romp that starts and ends with a speech. It’s the first track from their new album (out on March 9th) and don’t let the large length steer you away from it. It’s enjoyable and can’t go wrong with having a short irish dance jig break in the middle, eh? Click here to be taken to Stereogum and check it out! 7/10

Minus the Bear – My time

Ooh, the ugly duckling this month, I’m afraid. Not really liking it at all, but Dave Knudson (the wonderful guitar player of Mtb) said that the album will have several styles going for. Here’s hoping. And is it me, or there’s times when the vocals sound like the first lines of Tears for fears’ ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’. It’s not a disaster, it’s just not my cuppa. But hey, check it out for yourself at spinner. 5/10

Ortolan – Sticky situation

Going for a choon-tah-tah rhythm, this extremely contagious song is both twee AND capable of wishing away for days of malt shops, greasy hair and cool cars (the nineties!). It’s the sound of spring a few days earlier, here’s hoping for the rest of the stuff to deliver. The new album by this lovable quartet drops in March 9th, ‘Sticky situation’ is available for free download at the always amazing 8/10

(The) Smashing Pumpkins – A stitch in time

Whoa, Momma! Now THIS is a much better change. Whereas with the previous single I wasn’t impressed with the reworking, this complete transmogrification changed a folkey stomp into a mish mash between folk, shoegaze and some truly psychedelic stuff. Love how that sitar is doing what the mandolin did on live versions. Get your bong out for this one (or some strong gin). Really getting a cool vibe from the project (dunno if i’ll shell out 30 dollars for the obelisk laden EP, though) and now can’t wait for Astral Planes. This is a great one from Mistah Corgan. 8/10

Hole – Skinny Bitch


Hey, it’s a homage to Nirvana’s breed. No, thanks. Seriously, it’s plain lazy.  4/10.

Drive-by Truckers – Birthday boy

Slightly more of a slowburner than the previous single (that’d be ‘This fucking job’), ‘Birthday boy‘ goes for the heartfelt, depressing themes that Drive-by Truckers are known to go for. For all the glitz about the American way of life, along they come with another look at the darker side of the USA. Alt-country like God himself (or Jeff Tweedy) demands. Gotta love the sustain in the solo. 7/10.

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