A brief tutorial on Weezer (pt 2) – The Decline of Weezer Civilisation

by Homo Rodans

Friday, October 2nd, 2009: “Maladroit”

This is the hardest rocking Weezer album as of today. Welcome back, heavy metal influenced guitar solos and palm mutings! Probably the most underrated and unknown of their discography, “Maladroit” is “Pinkerton”’s evil twin. ‘Dope Nose’, ‘American Gigolo’ and ‘Slob’ make me think about the long haired Cuomo of the late 80’s, early 90’s. We got the beard instead (Mark Everett should sue for plagiarism – Q).

Scott Shriner develops good solid bass lines and choruses, but us, the romantics, still miss Matt Sharp. ‘Death and Destruction’ produces tears in my eyes, like fresh onion being sliced for mexican enchiladas. This is the album that I expected the “Green Album” to be. ‘Keep Fishing’ was good before the Muppets video, became EXTRAORDINARY after it. The closing track, ‘December’, is Weezer at its finest. If a new “Back to The Future” movie is ever put together, then ‘December’ absolutely needs to be part of its soundtrack.

Saturday, October 4th, 2009: “Make Believe

I think of this album more like two mini-albums, one called “Make”, the other one called “Believe”. That being said, “Make” would be the first 6 songs, perfectly “designed” to merge the highlights of previous Weezer hits to create new ones. ‘Beverly Hills’ is probably what Rivers forecasted to be the hip-hop path that Weezer was going to follow in the future (under the influence of Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst) however, it sounds to me more like an easy listening re-make of ‘El Scorcho’.

‘Perfect situation’ also rethreads older Weezer songs, like ‘Simple Pages’, and even the “Blue Album” classic ‘Only in dreams’. On the other hand “Believe” would be composed by the remaining 6 songs which I feel are Cuomo’s self-exorcism exercises. Songs like ‘Pardon me’, ‘My best friend’ and ‘Haunt you everyday’ are so personal that I just skip them most of the times when I listen to this one. It seems like there’s an inner Ying and Yang feeling in the album (which is of no surprise, considering that Rivers was involved into a journey of self-discovery during this period). ‘We are all on drugs’ is the BIG saving of this record.

Sunday, October 5th, 2009: WEEZER, a.k.a. “The Red Album

Opposite to “Make believe”, the “Red album” is a collection of songs that show Weezer in a completely brand new musical direction: there isn’t a single freaking guitar solo in any of the songs! (Except ‘King’, but that is only available in the deluxe edition). ‘The greatest man that ever lived’ is magnificent, almost like 20 songs merged into one infomercial. Rumour has it that it was originally called ‘The ballad of Oswaldo Sanchez’ as a tribute to the Mexican goal keeper.

Finally Pat, Brian and Scott get to sing their own songs in a monopoly that was kept untouchable in the previous 5 albums. ‘Thought I knew’ is the one non-Rivers song that I like best. Experiments. Leadership. Strange facial hair. Maturity. Rock and roll being saved again. A personal favourite from this period is the bonus track ‘Miss Sweeney’, included only in the deluxe version. It easily justifies paying 15 bucks just for that song. The singles ‘Pork and Beans’ and ‘Troublemaker’ are ear candy treats that immediately stick into your brain (and your thighs). Did I mention there are no freaking guitar solos here? Oh, yeah, and there’s no guitar solo in sight.

So, there you go, that was my journey. Now go ahead and walk yours, at your own pace. Incidentally, “Raditude”, the new album, hit stores on November 3th. The album title was suggested by The (American) Office’s Dwight (Rainn Wilson). The first single, ‘(If you’re wondering if I want you to) I want you to’ is (again) an instant hit full of melodic brilliance. It does concerns me that this one does not have a guitar solo either, though…

Your friendly global-neighbour
Homo Rodans

Editor’s note: Maladroit is not in spotify. Sorry about that, dear readers (Misky & Quinto)

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