Wake up to Fuzzy Light’s new video

‘Slowing time’ from Fuzzy Lights  is such a great song from their 2010 album,  Twin Feathers. Who are they? Well, it’s an ensemble, mainly from Cambridge but completely eager to go nomadic and indulge in touring. Funny enough, they do tour the UK in June, with dates in Glossop, London, Leeds, Cardiff and more. Complete set of dates here. And, hey, wouldn’t you know? We … Continue reading Wake up to Fuzzy Light’s new video

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Interview – Fuzzy Lights

It’s no secret that we love Manchester’s own Little Red Rabbit Records here at the office (aka, Quinto’s shed, which, strangely enough, is also James May’s). Anyways, we loved Twin Feathers (shameless plug for review) and we got our own PM to drop them a few questions…


An apocalyptic album

Fuzzy Lights – Twin Feathers

The Skinny:Scary. Get behind a sofa and listen to it. But cuddle afterwards.

The Review proper: Well, actually it’s not that scary. It’s more like introspection. Like a way old mirror that might offer a not-so-clear reflection. Or maybe the sensation you get when you look at yourself at the mirror for a long while and see all those wrinkles, nook and crannies in your face. And then move on to whatever you have to do that day.

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