Review & Short Story : Ummagma – Antigravity

I really don’t like the smell of Drakkar Noir, or any perfume at all, but Mom insisted I wore some for this party that the nuns organised at school. “It will do you good to go out of the house and see your friends”, Mom said. Continue reading “Review & Short Story : Ummagma – Antigravity”

Interview – Gazelle

Absinthe Blind. We haven’t reviewed this band properly (something is in the backburner – stay tuned), but suffice to say, it’s one of my fave bands of all time. I actually listened to them for the first time a year ago and I got hooked entirely. They are connected to another of my all time fave bands, Headlights (also writing something about them…) and thanks to the magic of twitter, I got in touch with Adam Fein, ex-singer of Absinthe Blind and now one half of Gazelle (the other half is Mr. Jeff Dimpsey of National Skyline and Hum fame).

We reviewed Gazelle’s album a while ago and we just had to get in touch with Mr. Fein for  a few questions regarding the past and the future… Continue reading “Interview – Gazelle”

Dreamscape – La-di-da Recordings

Today I read the news:

Kranky to issue retrospective of long forgotten shoegazers …

Kranky have indeed reissued Bristol’s Dreamscape’s long forgotten, out of print recordings. What can you say other than sometimes time travel could be a good thing…

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