Echodrone’s now just teasing us…

The taxon of bands organized as “shoegaze” by the witty and the jaded (aka music writers) is pretty diverse. A mish mash of organisms with varying degrees of feeding patterns, grazing for your likes and your money, forming a community that might not be resistent, but it’s resillient.

Some species barely change, like an apex predator with a robust verbzilla and album everyone decided it was cool, 20 years or so after release date. Other species live in a state of constant evolutionary flux, evolving through sonic mimetism as a new species.

Echodrone mutates, piercing with fresh tendrils through new grounds. From old school shoegaze in their first albums, swinging to a branch in the tree of cool 80s songs. They seldom nest in the same place. A tribute to a character from Pretty in pink? Sure. An album of songs lasting 3:33? Why, yes. A monstrous 4 track album of ambient, shoegaze, and electronica reflecting the vicissitudes of the seasons? No, they weren’t indoctrinated into a Willard Scott cult.

Resurgence is their brand new album (out March 5th, on Dome A Records), and there’s two lovely tracks out for your listening pleasure. First single ‘Jaded’ flirts with the Madchester sound, with a spacious ambiance and video that seems to pay tribute to algebrar (and calculus, the apex predator of math).

Second single ‘Midnight Frost’ sports and icy-cold demeanour and a crowd-made video. It swaggers with the importance of any album opener. It’s a deserved bravado.

Echodrone. They never went away, the echoes in the distance are now bouncing back, the frequency increasing as a sort of doppler effect. Memories come back, unlike ecology analogies that never went anywhere.

Words: Sam J. Valdes Lopez

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