The Park after dark

The park, after dark

by Russell Palmer

  Russ had sat on the same bench for hours, chain-smoking his way through two packets of cigarettes. His lungs were seemingly taking the brunt of the awful day he’d had, and sat in a not-to-safe park in the darkness of 2 AM, it seemed his body could soon be taking some of that weight too.

   He knew that this was unsafe, but he couldn’t smoke at home and figured his day couldn’t get worse so he had let the darkness come. The most he could lose was some blood and his fags, and they were mostly gone now anyway.

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Smiley – A short horror story


By Russell Palmer

Russ and Dan loved Crazy Uncle Devlin. Their parents did not. It was always interesting when he came round to visit, like the time he brought his air rifle and shot apples from their next door neighbours’ tree.

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The Unfortunate Cheese Incident

This is a 90% true story.

High above the city, the rain fires downwards, bouncing off the rooftop on which he stands,  peering over the edge at the filthy city he protects. His cape billowing,  the rain running down his mask, his fists clenched, waiting. A bolt of lightening illuminates him and a thunder-clap booms over the city.
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Unfortunate letters of incidents – 11

Welcome to our weekly column with Russ “chords of gold” Palmer. This week, he writes with a transdimensonial worries to  Teletext

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