Review: Pulled apart by horses – Blood

You can’t accuse Leeds’ Pulled Apart By Horses of ever being predictable. The band’s self-titled debut captured the excitement of the live shows, filled to the brim with freewheeling skirmishes and youthful brio. The follow-up record Tough Love demonstrated the quartet’s song craft, with Tom Hudson’s vocal range being pushed further and James Brown’s guitar sliding into surprising melodic directions.Robert John Lee’s bass lines and Lee … Continue reading Review: Pulled apart by horses – Blood

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Rollerpalooza (or the pros and cons of gravity, wheels and alcohol)

It was a dark and stormy night. But then again, it is the start of the autumn season, so a slant towards “nippy” is expected. I met Pips and Rucks at Cream in Broomhill and after lying our ways into 1970 (portrayed by the Bingo Hall of Queens’ Social Club), we went into Rollerpalooza II.

Just so you know, I watched Rollerball (the 70s one) before the event. I was ready to use dropkicks, spiked gloves and dance to the tune of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Instead, I wore a fez, because I’m a nerd.

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