Rollerpalooza II


Rollerpalooza II? What is it?

The very lovely people from Drowned in Sound (or DiS for you and me) are celebrating their first decade. What better way to do it than go Rollerball/Whip it on us and organise a night of rollerskating and music this 8th of October?

Well, you can join them and some very great musical talent (Pulled Apart By Horses, Liars Beware, Hey Sholay!, No Age and Male Bonding + DJs)  to celebrate in style with this event, called Rollerpalooza II.

5 bands, DJs, general musical tomfoolery. While skating. Awesome sauce.

So…the skinny?

Doors open at 9:30 PM, it’s 18+ and entry tax is 12.50 (which includes skate hire, but no Ellen Page or James Caan).

So for that princely sum, you get 5 five bands (Pulled Apart By Horses, Liars Beware, Hey Sholay!, No age and Male Bonding), 4 djs (Death by shoes, DrownedinSound, Dash and Blast and Idiot Box) and party until very, very late.


Skate Central, in Sheffield. The place is in Queens Road (near Enterprise rent-a-car and B&Q).

You need directions? Well, from what we copy-pasted from the Skate Central website, you can get there with the following buses: 6, 7, 21, 41, 43, 47, 48, 51, 53, 723.

For Bus, the stops are

Highfield, Duchess Road/Farm Road

Highfield, Queens Road/Duchess Road

For Tram (purple and blue lines)

Granville Rd – Sheffield College Station

A map, please?


I’m afraid of Myspace but I still want to know how these bands sound like.

Good, ’cause we got a few streams for you…

No age

Pulled Apart by Horses

Liars Beware

Male Bonding

Hey Sholay (sorry, too awesome to be streamed, need to be heard and seen live) Just off the SholayOven!, there ya go


No probs. See you there. Just don’t let Hey Sholay! get near any of your electronic gadgets.



Drowned in Sound Website

Rollerpalooza II Facebook

Skate Central Website

Pulled Apart By Horses Myspace Spotify

Hey Sholay Myspace

Liars Beware Myspace Spotify

No Age Myspace Spotify

Male Bonding Myspace



Or directly at The Harley. Don’t tell them you know us. They might hit you.

About the author: Notice that I refrained from the obvious reference to “Electric Boogaloo”…ah, sorry, forgot about the drawing : P

The author would like to thank Rob Webb for the invite.

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