Wrongpop Presents: Volume 1

Wrongpop Presents: Volume 1 is a charity compilation created to support Deafness Research UK (link). For a fiver, you get 14 tracks (7 of them are exclusive to this compilation). What’s in the goody bag (that might set you back what a couple of pints cost)?

Basically, a combination between some dance rock and loads of heavier tracks. Let’s go over a few ones, shall we?

Silver Bells start up as a warming up exercise, your basic callisthenics beat and bass-ey in the form of ‘Dance’, which takes some left turns into math rock territory. Just what the doctor ordered. Now that the masks are off (or on, if you feel like going Jason Vorhees), Ice, Sead, Dead People go for that hard rock territory that feels a little empty (at least on my playlist) right now. ‘Diamond swords’ is brutal, punky and short.

What follows is a real curveball and easily the one song that grabbed me and pinned me to the wall (hey, just like in grade school…flippin’ bullies). It’s Camp Stag with the utterly fascinating ‘Matilda, please’. Love the atmosphere laid out by the band and the climax of the song was perfectly built towards.

Dissonant masters Shield Your Eyes do their lo-fi shenanigans always right. ‘You merit high hopes’ has all those playful notes that mess with your ears, shaking the axons and dendrites in your head and then finishing it with a sweet solo.

On the heavier side, we have some great contenders. That Fucking Tank offer a brutal live track called ‘Dave Grolsch’ and it’s a good argument to catch them live: pounding, riffy and unforgiving. Lords’ ‘The Fever’ is also a live track, heavy on the math rock side, veering into some hard rock too, just to make sure you are paying attention. Pulled Apart by Horses have been praised to high heavens (or hells) with their crazy shows and heavier-than-thou music. ‘Grave dole’ is another slice of their  attitude heavy rock. Speaking of attitude, Kong are in la casa and they are justifiably having some fun, with their rock con pinches huevos! sort of music.

Picore offer a moment of relief. Why? Por que al fin puedo hablar en español en vez de pelear con mi pésimo inglés. Muy interesante que la rola tenga esos ritmos bailables, manteniendo esa esencia del rock entrelazada perfectamente. El final te propone una lucha interna entre echar unos cabezazos y zapatearle duro. Muy buena, muchachos.

 Amateur Assassins channel Mike Patton‘s shouty fits on ‘Jungle Diva’s gonna be gotten rotten’ (say what?). Crazy and heavy, which seems to be the main vein of the rather good compilation. Part Chimp offer another live track, the doomy ‘Today II’, full of a gloomy atmosphere and a mesmerising, fiery guitar tone.

Before you think this is mostly a heavy rock compilation, you get another curveball. ANR have an electronica ditty for you,  Joeyfat has the stream of consciousness like ‘Candy,19, from Copenhagen’ and the album closer, Hills have riffs (quality band name) offers the hypnotic ‘What you see is a memory’, feeling very psychodelic and folky. Does the song include a paning effect or am I just tripping?

It’s for a good cause and even if you don’t like the slower moments, you’re in for a treat for the heavier moments of pure, unadulterated rock. The compilation is available until March 31st.

Words: Sam “se me olvida el español” Valdes

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