A free folky friday

We’ve been on a folk roll lately on the site and we’d like to plug a couple of things we’ve found whilst roaming the net for price comparisons.

-The lovely people at For Folks Sake have created a list of their “Best of 2010”, with many good artists, including the dreamy pop peddled by Just Handshakes (We’re British). Click on the link to get a free copy.

For Folk’s Sake.

-Sheffield’s own Pete David & The Payroll Union have an upcoming EP and are giving away for free a darn tootin’ Americana song. You can get it for free at their websites. No email required, just a healthy right click. You can also become a fan of them (if you enjoy them) on Facebook. Drop ’em a line!

Pete David & The  Payroll Union

-We’ve quite enjoyed the snow in Sheffield (not much the slip and pratfall combo, though!) and Bromheads have re-released their catchy single, ‘Snow’. They’ve also released ‘The Lamp Sessions’ with their 10 original singles they’ve released over the last year. Good stocking stuffer (or heck, get it for yeself if you want good garage rock!)


-And if you’re still hankering for more Just Handshakes (We’re British), they are giving away ANOTHER song. Tis the season to be jolly, jangly and dreamy. Click on the link:

Leeds Music Scene

That’s it, ya freeloaders!!! : P


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