Vive Latino – 27 y 28 de Marzo.


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Vive Latino – XV Aniversario: jueves 27 y viernes 28 de Marzo 2014.
Lo que me gustó y lo que no me gustó, por Homo Rodans.
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Japan 3.11.11: A Benefit Album

Released by Polyvinyl Record Company

11th March, 2011: the Tōhoku earthquake strikes Japan, resulting in a catastrophic tsunami hitting the pacific coastline of Japan killing over 15,000 people and leaving entire towns absolutely devastated. The earthquake also caused another crisis in the form of the continually unraveling nuclear disaster of the Fukushima power plant. Many people are still left without homes or amenities as they slowly try to rebuild their lives. But I don’t need to tell you all of this, really…because anyone with half a brain-cell would have been following the devastating news from Japan as it happened.

In a show of good-form, Polyvinyl Record Company has decided to put together a compilation of PV and non-PV artists in order to help the tireless aid operations that are continuing throughout Japan. 100% of the profits from this record will go to the American Red Cross to help with the relief effort in Japan.

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Welcome to thecontrollersphere

of Montreal – thecontrollersphere

Stream – ‘L’age D’or’

It’s hard to describe of Montreal to the newly initiated. You play them a song, any song and the looks you get say it all. What does it all mean? The cover? The art? The title? Their whole discography? No idea whatsoever. It is a true “take it or leave it” species of band.

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