Podcast: Radio Chaneque – Cinco Largos Años

  Si no ven el widget, escúchenlo aquí. If you can’t see the widget, click here.  Cuando pasamos de cierta edad, los años se nos van como agua entre los dedos porque nuestra apreciación del tiempo cambia. De morros teníamos marcadores bien definidos, gracias a las temporadas escolares, periodos de vacaciones y lo que realmente nos emocionaba (Navidad, Cumpleaños, etc.) Dicho eso, lo que sí … Continue reading Podcast: Radio Chaneque – Cinco Largos Años

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Mix: New Music – May 9th, 2014

Well, here we go with another righteous mix of new music, just for you and your lovely weekend. Carefully curated and hopefully never taken down, unless we get sued by Lars Ulrich. Which is probable. So, which bands do you like best? Leave us a comment! Or if you don’t like any, leave a comment saying how much my taste sucks. Which is an all … Continue reading Mix: New Music – May 9th, 2014

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Kvetching in Sheffield – #1

Art: Glenn Miller.
Wet Nuns. By: Glenn Miller.

Waddle, waddle, waddle, it’s Springtime for Hitler and Germany…no, wait, that’s from The Producers, the best pisstake musical ever. After Spamalot. I think. Hey, that’s no ordinary rabbit.

Right-o, no more Percol Americano for me. It’s off to Tamper Coffee to write this excuse for a preview. Continue reading “Kvetching in Sheffield – #1”

Review: Mudcats Blues Trio & Tom Attah @ The Riverside

It was pretty much the perfect way to spend a Saturday night. It was the Riverside, brimming with people and pints of Kraken Ale flowing, while DJs played blues and Martin Bedford sold some of his classic posters (while also peddling some of the music that was going to be released that night). It was Mudcats Blues Trio launch night for their album, The Tesla Sessions. It was a … Continue reading Review: Mudcats Blues Trio & Tom Attah @ The Riverside

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Peace in the Park 2012

EDIT: There was a spot of a misunderstanding. “Shithole of a site” refers to Sloucher, not the festival.

“Why the fuck would I want to go to Peace in the Park, panzón? No Renegade Brass Band and no Screaming Maldini equals no mojo and no Orestes, geddit?”

A solo review, then. For all the haranguing that one does in life, it seems that when things go your way, the results vary from what you expected. Aye, fortune cookies are getting weirder.

Continue reading “Peace in the Park 2012”

Rough Shag presents: Mudcats Blues Trio, Falls and Drenge

The problem with varied line-ups is not the lack of cohesiveness, but predicting the response from the public. It was a semi-cold Friday in Sheffield and Bungalows and Bears was teeming with people. Continue reading “Rough Shag presents: Mudcats Blues Trio, Falls and Drenge”