Tales of the Pill Generation : Egregious

Photo: Sam Valdés – Carretera a Monterrey, 2007.

It’s the mid 60s and even if the kids don’t know it, the wave has reached a watermark and will roll back in a few years. My dad was Mexican. My mom was American. They met through work, married in San Diego and moved to Los Angeles with three kids on tow. I was the last one, the late one to the party. They almost called me “Benjamin”. I dodged a bullet there. God bless the 70s.  Continue reading “Tales of the Pill Generation : Egregious”

Miss Little Spark

Some say she’s been there for a whole century. Others say that she arrived to Mexico City with the first light bulb. Her name is Ámbar Electra Gómez Volta, but everyone knows her as “Miss Little Spark”, the owner of the electronics shop at number 110-B, República del Salvador, Mexico’s own electronics shantytown. Continue reading “Miss Little Spark”

Interview – Odisseo

For a long time, there has been quite a drought of Rock bands in México. Blame little to no coverage from traditional media. Blame a quite impervious circle of “haves” that doesn’t let the “have nots” join in. Thankfully, the online media and social networks have helped a few bands to forgo all the hoop jumping and connect straight with their fanbase. So has been the case of México’s own Odisseo.

The band took some time from their very, very busy schedule (they are recording new stuff) and we shot a few questions at them. Continue reading “Interview – Odisseo”

Wake up to… Los Impresionistas

Los Impresionistas are an experimental rock band from Mexico City who are not afraid to play around with emotions (and their instruments…and chord progressions). Whether by going the route of Rock or deceptively laying some electronic music (but then hitting you back with more Rock), Los Impresionistas are slowly but surely getting their musical gospel out there for the masses. Here’s ‘Esperando el olvido en … Continue reading Wake up to… Los Impresionistas

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