Wake up to Love at Death Beach’s exclusive new track

Art by Emma Presland @ Studio Derek

Love at Death Beach. Just the name makes me think of several things, none of them apt for this time in the morning. Some say they are a raucous bunch of devil-worshippers. Others say that they stole The Stig’s mixtape, reversed it and that defined their sound.

Forget about all that hearsay,  here’s ‘Serious Rapture’ from their upcoming EP, which, if you don’t mind me saying, sounds very nifty.

Sounds good, aye? Well, you can catch Love at Death Beach headlining our second (and probably last) organised* gig on May 17th at the lovely pub, The Harley, with The Hope Explosion and The Unfortunate Incident on support duties. Feliz Cinco de Mayo, by the way.


Thanks to Mr. Rob Webb for the exclusive. Love at Death Beach created by Emma Presland from Studio Derek.


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*Term used lightly.

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