Review: Pompeii – Loom

Hey, remember that time I was tired beyond belief watching Pompeii in an Austin BBQ joint? No? Maybe for  the best, so here’s the executive summary: Pompeii are back and they have an album called Loom out. It’s splendorous. Review done, milk is cancelled, the cat’s gone out, goodbye. No, actually, grab a seat and let me tell you about the beauty inherent to the … Continue reading Review: Pompeii – Loom

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Gig : Wet Nuns (with Flaming Skulls, Royal Blood and Loom)


This was it. The Cloister Bell rang loudly and it beckoned them all: the hardcore fan, the converted and the odd chancer that wanted to say “I was at their last gig!”

Wet Nuns‘ last ever gig, a ceremony that would take place at Queens Social Road. Some people looked the part, others were partaking in photos with some of the celebrities mingling in the audience and the rest just wanted to be in the musical equivalent of a living funeral (only with more male nudity.) Continue reading “Gig : Wet Nuns (with Flaming Skulls, Royal Blood and Loom)”