Band of the week : Fear of Men

It’s easy to see what would make Fear of Men work: sweet harmonies, a gorgeous vocal delivery and an easy going beat. But scratch a little that sumptuous surface and you can find all kinds of subtexts.

Fear of Men are a band that clearly love art, let’s remember the marble coloured vinyl for Early Fragments (‘Seer’ ruled) and the use of artistic imagery in their videos. I probably enjoy them lots because they remember me of The Sundays, only a little more melancholic. We’ve recommended them previously for last year’s Nrmal and SXSW. We also caught them live last year.

Their new album Loom is out today, why not check it out? We reviewed their recent single, ‘Luna’, a while ago.  You can also enjoy their Daytrotter set.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Fear of Men Website. Facebook. Twitter. Bandcamp. Tumblr.

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