Paving Stones – The Monicans

The Monicans, the band who flew from afar to take the city by storm (although sneakily). After travelling from the dark territories (no, not Mexico City) and living in a van while touring England, the band settled down in Sheffield (a city they have mentioned they like a lot) and decided to go for a grungy output filled with haunting sounds, a grungy vocal delivery, healthy use of eBow, a driven bass and a very solid drumming.

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Paving Stones: Mega Aquarians

Like a good day (i.e. raining) in Seattle, the psychedelic metal of Mega Aquarians can be on the “grunge” side of the scale, but when all is said and done (and the amps overloaded), they pack a hell of a punchy show. It’s only two dudes going Tasmanian devil on their respective instruments (drums, guitar) but sound like a proper demolition squad. Here’s a free … Continue reading Paving Stones: Mega Aquarians

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Liars Beware of the fuzz…

Liars Beware – The last 24 hours EP.

The skinny: A cotton swab to the timpanii. Allegedly. With fuzz.

The review proper: Pretty lo-fi and rocking effort from this band comprising members from everywhere else (Smokers Die Younger, Nature Set) and exmembers of somewhere from past yonder (Long Blondes, Navvy).

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Review – Pearl Jam “Backspacer”

Whoa, didn’t see that coming. Or maybe I did. We all did. Pearl Jam decide to make a very furious and generally mixed comeback. “Backspacer” starts with a triple combo (punch, kick, uppercut!) which although is musically energetic, the lyric sustenance is a bit on the diet side. To make my point clearer: the music is quite right (“Got some” is an instant anthem), but … Continue reading Review – Pearl Jam “Backspacer”

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